Photos from the End of the Year Break-up Party

Thank you for coming to our party. We had a nice crowd in our Junior Session. With Ewelina’s yoga session, it was a nice warm up, followed by Barry and Dean’s demos, awards and yummy food. Thank you to those who brought some sweets along and those who helped in the kitchen.

The Senior Session was really small as the numbers largely decreased this year. Please bring your friend to Taekwondo next year!

We also took an occassion to celebrate a combined 100th birthday of Barry and Dean.

Please remember to subscribe to our newsletter this month and participate in our prize draw. Also, if you book your Taekwondo or Yoga Birthday Party, you will receive a $100 discount. Call us now!

The Centre has also introduced new massage with Neville coming up in 2014. Neville’s flyers will be available in January.

Here’re some photos from the party.

Peter Wellington Member of the Year Award
Peter Wellington
Member of the Year Award

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